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The Shalom Children’s Centre project is the brainchild of Mrs Maria Salome Nyeke.

Maria Salome was born and grew up in Molife Village near the location of the identified Centre building site. Maria Salome thought of giving something back to the community she grew up in, to benefit vulnerable children who need help because they lost their parents for one reason or another. She also thought of those children in the age group 1-5 years old, who need help because their parents are not able to give them the early start life which is so vital for any child to prepare them for school and indeed, life in general. Shalom Children’s Centre also helps with funding the primary education of those children in Zimbabwe who are underprivileged.

Shalom Children's Centre Building Project

We wish to advise well-wishers that the construction phase of Shalom Children’s Centre has now been completed.

shalom children centre

An outreach worker has been engaged to move around the villages in Zimbabwe to identify the children who may be eligible to use the centre.

A finished project will not restrict itself to helping only those children who have lost their parents. It is also expected to empower families and other children in the same age group as a children’s nursery where children are given early education before they start school. It is expected to empower families by working with them to become positive contributors to their children’s education, development and welfare.

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