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Shalom Children's Centre Building Project

Presently, The Shalom Children’s Centre is still a Building Site. Permission and approvals of the project have been obtained from the Goromonzi Rural District Council and we have begun the construction phase of the project. In this phase, there are sub phases which can be done at the same time. Phases 1, 3, and 5 can be done together as, while the building is being constructed, boreholes can be sunk to provide water and children’s play grounds can be prepared. Those companies identified to make and supply internal furnishings can be identified and asked to start making the furniture so that it can be ready as soon as construction work is completed. Now that the planning permission has been granted, we are beginning the construction phase of the project.

We have set aside some money for use on the project but because of the size of the project, we realise that the money available would not be sufficient to see us complete the project in time to meet our target completion of this Centre in the last quarter of, 2020, funds permitting. We are now fund raising for this Construction phase of the project at the same time doing what we can with the funds available.

We have divided this project into five phases namely:

The Building

This would include all aspects of construction of the building, bricks, cement, concrete, door frames and window frames, and roofing and in fact all work to do with putting up the building structure.


Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) have already put infrastructure in the area and are presently connecting families close to the centre and it is hoped that the centre will be connected to the Zesa grid once the building is completed and wired for connection. If it is expected that the Zesa connection will take a long time, we will have to provide a solar electrical system. The project would also need a standby generator in the event of loss of electricity for whatever reason.

Water Reticulation for the Centre

There is no running water in the area where the centre will be built and therefore drilling for water would be the only option for the centre to have some dependable clean water supply. Once a borehole is sunk, some water tanks will be installed and some piping laid to provide water to the centre.

Furniture and Fittings inside the Centre

The Centre will need to be furnished appropriately to be children friendly. Some local indigenous furniture producers will be contracted to produce the required types of furniture for the centre. Other necessary fittings may have to be imported wherever possible. There will necessarily have to be children’s playing gadgets and toys which will be required for the Centre.

Outside children’s playing equipment

Ground playing equipment will need to be installed and the ground will need to be prepared to provide a safe playing environment for children and staff.

We are therefore appealing for support to enable us to proceed and complete this project in time for the targeted completion in the last quarter of 2020. At this moment in time we are focused on the Construction Phase.

A lot of work has already been done on the project. Building Plans for the first phase have already been done and approved by The Goromonzi Rural District Council. The local Community has been involved right from the start of the project and are very supportive and pleased about the development. The Body of Governors has been constituted comprising of people with specialisations which will contribute meaningfully and positively to issues concerning children. The constitution for the centre has been drawn up and the Centre’s policies and procedures, have also been written. Some of the staff have already been identified.

We would love to hear from you and we welcome your ideas

To register your interest or to find out more about Shalom Children’s Centre, please contact us on +263 774 058 101 if you are in Zimbabwe and Mobile numbers +44 7533 505 588 and +44 7429 851 353 if you are not in Zimbabwe.