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Executive Management Team

Maria Salome Nyeke

Maria Salome Nyeke (Mth)

The Executive Management Team is headed by Mrs Maria Salome Nyeke. Maria Salome Nyeke was born in Molife Village, a daughter of Mr. Peter and Cecilia Mutero.

Maria is a Director of Blessings Healthcare Services Limited, and has gained valuable experience in dealing with vulnerable adults and children. She would like to bring some of this experience into Shalom Children’s Centre and is planning to return to Zimbabwe to run the Centre as soon as it is ready for the children.

Maria holds a Master of Theology Degree from the University of Wales (Bangor) and a QCF Level 5 Diploma in the Management of Vulnerable Adults and Children’s Settings. Maria is married to Felix Nyeke who is also involved with the project.

Felix Nyeke

Felix Nyeke A.C.I.S.

Felix Nyeke A.C.I.S., who has a wide experience in Finance and Administration, both locally and overseas, will assist with setting up structures and systems.

Felix will help with monitoring of systems and ensure the Centre always maintains good Corporate Governance and thus continues to be run strictly on professional lines.

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