Zimbabwe Children Support Services

Shalom Children’s Centre is being established to offer services in three areas.

Shalom Children’s Centre was conceived to provide care and support to vulnerable children in Zimbabwe who have lost their parents and have no one to provide for their daily needs.

These children would need someone to help them manage their trauma and challenge of losing their parents. Shalom would look after these children and when they are ready to go to school, Shalom will then help them to get places at suitable schools and help with paying their school fees.

Shalom would continue to help the children until they attain the age of 18 years when they can be released to look after themselves. Shalom would also assist those of them wishing to progress further with their education to go to university.

Shalom Children’s Centre is situated in the heart of the community.

It would not make sense for the Centre not to get involved and influence the Community in which it is established. It would also not make sense if what the Centre does and teach does not embrace Society and Community norms. Shalom would therefore be open to children of the Community in which it is established.

Shalom would accept children from the surrounding villages to use its services for a fee.

Parents can leave their children to play and learn at the Centre in the morning and collect them at the end of the day.

This arrangement will also help the Shalom resident children to keep connected to the communities they come from.

Zimbabwe Children Support Services

The Centre would work with families and parents to design programmes which empower families, the children and the community.

These programmes would complement those at the Centre and help produce an all rounded child. This will uplift the Communities and helps produce good responsible children who will become good citizens of the country at large resulting in a win, win situation for children, parents and community.

Zimbabwe Children Support Services

Zimbabwe Children Support Services

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Zimbabwe Children Support Services